Privacy Policy

    DOINN SA is committed to protecting your privacy as a USER, as well as that of all users of its website and, as such, collects only the personal information of those who provide it voluntarily, and thus also only uses it for the purposes for which they were provided.

    All data collected will be listed in this policy in a transparent manner and with full respect for the rights of the holder.

    Personal Data Concept:

    In accordance with Article 4 of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 DO EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of 27th April 2016, personal data are: "any information which are related to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable individual is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as a name, identification number, location data, identifiers electronically (E-mail) or a or more specific elements of that individual's physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity."

  1. Collection and registration and use of Personal Data:

    The data will be collected and recorded accordingly and for the purposes described below:

    1. Cookies and tracking - The cookies used by DOINN S.A can be consulted in the Cookie Policy and in no case are personal data collected. We may occasionally use pixel tags to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising and allow us to provide more targeted marketing communications, in which case, if any personal data is collected it will remain confidential, even if the search is conducted by a third party service provider in our name.
    2. Data for service provision: the personal data collected by DOINN S.A are automatically processed and are intended for the management of the USER file, its services and requests for commercial contact, assistance and support. The collection and processing of personal data is also intended for its use for contacts by DOINN S.A for the purposes of:
      • Ensuring the normal operation of the contracted service, namely by providing data for its management, payment and billing;
      • Communicating scheduled interventions, report problems and / or other situations of relevance and / or impact on their services or support routes;
      • Promoting the communication required by contract, using the way, for this purpose, stipulated (General Conditions of service provision);
      • Sending quality questionnaires whose completion the user can freely decline.
    3. USER account details - at least one alternative contact email will be collected, and other data may be added that the account holder chooses to offer about his authorized contact. These sub-contacts are assumed to have given authorization to the account holder for this purpose, in any case if the account holder does not agree or if there is an identity theft by the account holder, the sub-contact must inform DOINN SA of his occurrence to [email protected] so the contact can be deleted.
    4. USER SUPPORT - Any personal data that is discretionarily sent to us by email, phone or live chat will be treated with viable security and appropriate to the medium in which it is transmitted to us, however, and in order to guarantee the privacy of personal data, we urge it to be avoided sending personal data through these channels. If the supply of personal data appears to be insurmountable, you should be warned that, in these ways of contact, there is always greater exposure to risk. The treatment and processing of this data will be governed by this PRIVACY POLICY and, in this case, to exercise the right to forget communications or to report any situation concerning risk or breach of data security, please do so by email addressed to [email protected] and indicating the name / code / date / time / medium / of the communications you want to be forgotten. We also remind that any email address that allows an individual to be identified is considered a personal data, so if you want your contact to be forgotten, please make sure to inform us in the terms above, avoiding even offering more data through subscriptions. personalized or other routes.
    5. Response to commercial contacts - with the authorization and upon request of the data owner, a commercial proposal can be prepared using the data provided and collected for that purpose, in these cases the commercial proposal will be stored in a proper place protected with firewall, antivirus & antimalware, enabling secure access by SSL certificate, VPN authentication and other appropriate technical measures, as well as restricted and scaled access privileges. These data will be kept for six years with a view to a possible acceptance of the proposal unless the holder exercises the right to be forgotten.
      • All rejected commercial proposals are forgotten, as well as all those whose USER does not respond after three requests for updates within a maximum period of six years without response, unless the USER expressly indicates that he wants us to wait for his decision for a longer time.
      • All data of commercial proposals or with a view to awarded commercial transactions will be kept under the terms established for the type or types of services to which they refer.
      • All registered commercial proposals, in addition to mere email contact, will be reviewed within a maximum period of seven years, so if the provision of any of the targeted services is no longer in progress, they will be forgotten.
    6. Verification of Legitimacy and Fraud - For the purpose of verifying legitimate ownership, alteration of authorized email, confirmation of tax data or fraud investigation, the USER may be requested by DOINN SA to provide additional elements about his identity, such as proof of address, number identification or other. In these cases DOINN S.A undertakes to collect the minimum necessary to:
      • Ensure that it is the legitimate holder of the services that is claimed under the service provision contract to which he was obliged when subscribing for services;
      • Ensure fiscal accuracy as required by tax law -
      • To rule out the possibility of fraudulent underwriting or underwriting in view of the practice of illicit in order to safeguard the rights of DOINN S.A and third parties.

      These data will be collected through normal support routes. After the process, taking into account the legitimate interest of DOINN S.A and the obligation to maintain evidence, the collected data will be preserved

    7. Contact forms - All contact forms on the DOINN S.A web pages will collect the necessary contact details so that we can respond to you, as well as all those who are discretionary together in the body of the email / form. This form will be integrated into our email server with secure access by SSL certificate and other appropriate technical measures, as well as restricted and staggered access privileges. To ensure the privacy of personal data, we urge you to avoid sending personal data through these channels. If the supply of personal data appears to be insurmountable, you should be warned that, in these ways of contact, there is always greater exposure to risk. To request forgetting of the communications, in this situation, or to report any situation regarding risk or breach of data security, please send an email to [email protected] and indicate the date / time / email address of the communications that you want to be forgotten. We also remind you that any email address that allows an individual to be identified is considered a personal data, so if you want your contact to be forgotten, please make sure that you inform us under the terms above, avoiding offering more data through personalized subscriptions or other routes.
    8. Recruitment - If you send a spontaneous application or respond to a job offer, know that all CVs and personal data collected through this route will be integrated and stored on our email server with secure access by SSL certificate and other appropriate technical measures, as well as privileges restricted and staggered access. All applications that are not of interest are eliminated after evaluation.

      All candidates that could potentially be called are available for 12 months after which, if not called, your application will be eliminated. The 12 months are justified for evaluating the candidate's path as well as the possible future hiring opportunity in the legitimate interest of the company and the candidate. All approved applications will result in registered contact with the candidate with a view to future recruitment efforts. These will result in justified hiring or rejection, in which case, they will, by human action, be forgotten in a restricted and justified dead file, being eliminated after 5 years. Storage in a segregated and restricted environment for 5 years is justified for the purpose of procedural assessment of recruitment in the interest of the company.

    9. Social Networks - all interactions that take place on the DOINN SA social networks as well as the sharing on social networks of content disseminated through DOINN SA websites and blogs are governed by the privacy policy of the company that provides the resource used for sharing or interaction.
    10. Commercial communication - Sending general and advertising information regarding DOINN SA and the services it provides is subject to a request for separate and differentiated consent, so that the collection of personal data for commercial and contractual purposes does not legitimate or enable the sending this type of communication. If the user wishes to receive this information, he must subscribe or consent to its sending per share.
    11. IP addresses - The IP address when its use or isolated identification does not allow its holder to be identified or the place where a certain action is carried out cannot be considered private data.

  2. Database Compliance:

    The data provided can be integrated into a database, and its processing is automated, organized and maintained directly by DOINN S.A in accordance with data protection laws.

  3. Contracts and communication with minors:

    Access to purchases for children under 18 is prohibited. Minors wishing to contact DOINN S.A, to access the platforms or make their personal data available must obtain authorization from their parents or guardians.

  4. Rectification, portability and deletion of the data provided
    1. Data rectification - Under the terms of the applicable legislation, the user has the right to access and rectify their data, so DOINN S.A therefore offers the USER permanent access to their data, thus enabling their rectification at all times. The accessibility of the USER to his data is guaranteed through a reserved area, duly protected, first by mandatory authentication and then by an SSL certificate, other appropriate technical measures, in order, thus, to guarantee that the USER's personal data are safe from unauthorized access by third parties. This reserved area is subject to a strict backup policy that you can consult, thus eliminating the risk of partial, full loss or corruption. In this reserved area, the USER will be able to update his / her personal data, except for the general email and the Tax number, the first because it is the only authenticator that legitimately entitles its user as owner of the services and the second to guarantee fiscal veracity. To change these fields, you should send an email to [email protected], safeguarding, at the outset, whether or not you want this request to be sent, after being treated, to be forgotten.
    2. Data maintenance time, Forgetting and Deletion - DOINN SA is committed to keeping your data properly protected with firewall, antivirus & antimalware, enabling them to have secure access by SSL certificate, in some cases authentication by VPN and other appropriate technical measures, as well as restricted and staggered access privileges. In case of active services, forgetting will only be carried out when the contractual obligations of DOINN S.A to you are extinguished, therefore, DOINN S.A will continue to provide the service until its termination. DOINN SA has no direct relationship with individuals whose personal data is provided, processed or obtained by Suppliers of DOINN SA. Individuals who seek to access, correct, alter or delete inaccurate data should direct their consultation to the Supplier’s data controller.
    3. Forgetting and Backups - After the service is finished, your forgetting request will be answered, however, backup contents will persist for the time defined in the backup policy. These data are, for security and privacy, stored, not processed, with restricted and justified access and will only be used in case there is an insurmountable need to replace a backup that includes your data.
    4. Forgetting and elimination - In the exercise of reasonableness, evaluating the meager data we collect in view of contractual obligations and the defense of its legitimate interests, as well as compliance with the law, namely the tax law, DOINN SA avoids the deletion or alteration of data, providing, in turn, the restriction of its access and / or processing in order to preserve it as evidence in its legitimate interest. These data are, however, stored, not processed, and only with restricted and justified access. Thus, whenever there is a legitimate interest in safeguarding your rights or that of third parties, DOINN S.A, will carry out the forgetfulness action before elimination. Forgetting means moving all data to a reserved access archive, unauthorized except for justified reasons and to be recorded. In order to comply with the law, namely the tax law, forgetting may last up to a maximum of 12 years, after which your data will be deleted. Your data will be kept out of oblivion for a maximum period of eight years after total inactivity, however, it can be moved at any time as long as you exercise the right to be forgotten. For all personal data arising from communications, the data subject must exercise their right by indicating it via email to [email protected] indicating a code or ID / date / time / medium / email so that they can be identified and forgotten.
    5. Portability: DOINN S.A allows you to export all your personal data, and you can request it by email addressed to [email protected]

  5. Security and use of your information

    Security in storage and access: The personal data that DOINN SA collects is properly protected with firewall, antivirus & antimalware, enabling them to have secure access by SSL certificate, in some cases VPN authentication and other appropriate technical measures, as well as restricted access privileges and staggered, among other appropriate technical measures.

  6. Sending or transferring information:
    1. Commitment: DOINN S.A undertakes not to sell or rent any personal data sent by users of our website to third parties, without prejudice to doing so with the user's authorization or when legally obliged.
    2. Legal Obligations: DOINN S.A may access, preserve and share USER information with companies, organizations, governmental entities or individuals external to DOINN S.A, for being in good faith believing that the law so requires. These are non-exhaustive cases: the judicial authorities, arbitration centers, the entities to which the law assigns competences in terms of criminal investigation, or whose mission is to monitor and prevent compliance with legislation in the scope, namely, of the protection of consumer rights, intellectual property, communications, security, public health and commercial practices in general, etc. DOINN S.A may also access, preserve and share USER information when necessary to: establish or exercise DOINN S.A's legal rights or defend itself against any legal claim; investigate, prevent or take action on suspected fraud or other illegal activities; prevent death or serious physical damage to anyone; or investigate violations of DOINN S.A. general / special conditions of service.
    3. To provide specific services that depend on third parties: DOINN S.A may have to send confidentially the personal data it collects to external service providers, namely to enable the provision of certain services. Since these partners are based in the EU and, therefore, in compliance with the privacy laws in force, or when they are from outside the EU they also declare their compliance.
    4. Business management, taxation and statistics: In addition to sharing information with service providers confidentially, as described above, DOINN SA can share with third parties, in a contractually stipulated way as confidential, various identification information aggregated in categories, with isolated personal data and non-targetable, obtained through surveys with customers, considering: statistical purposes, analysis of marketing campaigns, response to requirements for the provision of subcontracted services, financial and tax audits, of quality, security, etc.

  7. Profile and automated decisions:

    At DOINN S.A there is no automated treatment, including the definition of profiles that produce decisions.

  8. Privacy by design and by default:

    DOINN S.A ensures that, as far as is required and feasible, appropriate technical measures have been adopted and organized to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration and / or dissemination.

    Any violation of the privacy of personal data will be assessed and reported within 72 hours to the competent CNPD entity, as well as to the data holder (s) according to the established security and privacy incident management process.

    If you find any risk or inconsistency in the management of DOINN S.A's personal data, you should alert us to [email protected] and you can always submit a complaint to CNPD - National Data Protection Commission in Portugal.

  9. Payments:

    DOINN S.A takes all necessary precautions to guarantee the protection of the information collected from the USER and guarantees that all payment data entered is automatically encrypted using SSL-Secure Sockets Layer technology, in order to guarantee total security in the payments made. In order to verify that the information is being transmitted securely, note that a closed padlock / padlock image will appear next to the URL, which indicates that the connection is secure.

    DOINN S.A does not store payment details. The data provided by the USER to make payments, namely those relating to credit cards, are never stored by DOINN SA, they are only used when the transaction is processed, and this is carried out from a secure bank page and with appropriate technologies to ensure that there is no risk. Thus, not only can we guarantee that the CONTRACTING PARTY's data is not exposed to any intrusion attempts, namely, by not storing payment data, we can guarantee that, in extremis, if there was an illegitimate access this would never jeopardize access to payment data.

  10. Responsible entity

    The entity responsible for the treatment of the Data is Doinn, SA, headquartered at Av. Tenente Valadim, 17, 2º, 2560-275 Torres Vedras, in Portugal, with the number of NIPC and TIN: PT5135333354, and anyone interested can contact it through the following contacts :

    Email Addresses:

    Support and General Information: [email protected]

    For processing personal data: [email protected]

  11. Applicability limits:

    This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal data or information that may be submitted to or collected by third party websites hosted on DOINN S.A.'s infrastructure.

    With regard to this data, DOINN S.A will only be a processor and will respond only as such and therefore reminds you that the privacy policies of such third party sites must be evaluated by the user / USER before sending his personal data.

    It should also be noted that our responsibility, as processors, ends with the security of the infrastructure, so any security and privacy incident that originates from USER code vulnerabilities, plugins, compromised email accounts, mails or other infected files, and any content of the USER, it will be the responsibility of the content manager who should monitor them to act preventively to a possible vulnerability or act in reaction to the incident under the terms recommended by the applicable legislation in the matter of privacy and treatment of personal data.

  12. Of law:

    This privacy policy respects the provisions of the applicable legislation in the matter of privacy and treatment of personal data. In this sense, it may be revised at all times due to changes in the legal regulations that support it, as well as the recommendations of the entities, national and international, competent in the matter.

    When there are changes to this privacy policy that change its version, the USER will be notified via general email.

    The information we collect and send helps us to be able to provide the best shopping experience and service provision, so we encourage our users to participate by offering us their consent. For more information on the Data Protection Regulation see here: