Enjoy your first and last hours in the city, without luggage. LUGGit collects your luggage where you are and delivers it at the place and time you choose.

If you have vacation rental you can now have an option available to stop your guests from carrying their luggage around the city, Thanks to LuggIT, guests can request a Keeper (driver) that will collect the luggage where the guest is and store it for as long as needed, then deliver it back at location and time chosen. All the luggage are insured up to 500€ (Standard) or 1200€ (Premium), users can track in real-time where their luggage is during the day via the LUGGit mobile app.

Detail of services, locations, and more information about LuggIT:

Either you are an airbnb host or maybe you have worked in any type of short-term rental business, you probably experienced one day or another the struggle of having guests checking in earlier than expected or needing to leave luggage on site after the checkout for a couple of hours.

This behaviour is usually observed when visitors arrive hours before their check-in, and do not have a solution to store their luggage.

LUGGit tackles this issue by offering a fleet of Keepers (drivers) that pick-up, store and deliver the luggage of guests anywhere and anytime they want. This enables the short-term rental managers to optimise their check in and check out operations, and to forget about the storage and logistics of baggage.

LUGGit creates a personalized website for each partner (short-term rental companies) that can be included into the automatic communications with guests. Once they see it, they can instantly book the LUGGit service.

Both the setup and the partnership is free for the Airbnb managers and LUGGit gives a commission for each service your guests book through your website!

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