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Effective, efficient and thorough disinfection is critical to help control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special measures must be applied in all facilities to increase worker safety when remote working is not possible.

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Cities and prices

Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro, Viseu, Coimbra, Leiria, Santarém, Algarve

SERVICE: Cleaning and disinfection with products including P43 and Chlorine.

EQUIPMENT: Use of PPE (personal protective equipment).

METHOD: Disinfect all the space and surfaces (eg: doors handles, taps, switches, etc) due to viruses with P43 and Chlorine.


  • Studio: 33.00€ + VAT
  • 1 BDR: 43.00€ + VAT
  • 2 BDR: 53.00€ + VAT
  • 3 BDR: 68.00€ + VAT
  • 4 BDR: 83.00€ + VAT
  • 5 BDR: 100.00€ + VAT
  • 6 BDR: 115.00€ + VAT
  • 7 BDR: 129.00€ + VAT
  • Disinfection is also available for OFFICES from 33.00€ + VAT

Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Guadalajara

SERVICE: Desinfection

METHOD: Disinfect, spray, ozone, misting applicable depending on the scenario. Everything is applied to the furniture.

EQUIPMENT: Use of PPE (personal protective equipment).

ADDITIONAL INFO: Certified Companies and Safety Procedures.


  • From 160€


SERVICE: Desinfection


  • From 170€


SERVICE: Desinfection with nebulizer


  • From 112€

Rest of Spain

SERVICE: Desinfection with nebulizer

METHOD: Environmental misting of the micron fraction to guarantee a better dispersion of the disinfecting solution. This nebulization will be directed preferably to the surfaces of possible occasional contact (areas of greater risk).


  • From 248€

London, Manchester, Bristol

SERVICE: Decontamination clean
METHOD: Spraying the space with an electrostatic spray and wiping potential hidden touch points.

EQUIPMENT: Desinfections done with electrostatic spray gun, disposable decontamination suits and respirators

From £ 500+VAT *For more details please contact us via email, phone or chat

Rest of UK

SERVICE: Cleaning and disinfection with antimicrobial product
METHOD: Fogging spray

EQUIPMENT: Fogging Gun, full PPE

RESULTS: Ultra product can be effective on Coronavirus SARS in 2 minutes. Control product provides a persistent antimicrobial action helping keeping surfaces and the environment clean and resistant to reinfection.

From £99 +VAT *For more details please contact us via email, phone or chat

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Doinn providers are third party companies certified to do specialised jobs. These specialised third party companies are responsible for ensuring the agreed service provision and are liable for any damage or loss suffered as a result of the service contracted.